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Hey Google find me a roofer!

Hey Google find me a roofer!

How to find the best roofers in Montreal? Does it need to be said that google is the most popular search engine by internet users? However, to find the rare pearl or the most competent professional for your work, you still have to type in the right keywords in your search bar! Here are some tips to facilitate your research.

What do you want to do? Repair or replace your roof?

In both cases, it is essential to focus on the configuration of your roof. So, if your home has a flat roof or a cathedral truss roof, then this should be mentioned. Next, what material do you have or  plan to install on your roof? Elastomeric membrane, single-layer membrane (TPO, EPDM, PVC) or multi-layer asphalt and gravel membrane? Tell it to Google. Finally, there is the financial aspect! And yes, whether it’s a roof replacement or a roof repair, such work represents an investment, so feel free to let your search engine know that you want to get a roofing quote.

100 years’ experience

Émile Lelièvre Tinsmith Roofer has nearly 100 years’ experience in roof repair and renovation, including white roofs, for industrial, commercial and residential in Greater Montreal. We offer best-in-class service for attic insulation with any type of roof, including elastomeric membrane roof coverings.



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