Flat roof maintenance and roof covering inspection


We care about your roof

Whether are you own a private residence or a commercial or industrial building with a flat roof, inspection and maintenance of the roof covering is a must to ensure its durability. With nearly 100 years’ experience, Émile Lelièvre Ferblantier Couvreur is a benchmark in the industry.

Our seasoned professionals offer an array of maintenance services for all types of roof in the Greater Montréal region, including:
⦁ Roof cleaning, removal of fallen leaves and branches
⦁ Inspection and resealing, as necessary, of joints in metal flashing
⦁ Roof drain basket replacement
⦁ Repairs to damaged joints (eaves)
⦁ Roof drain strainer replacement
⦁ Replacement of gravel in areas where the membrane is uncovered only
⦁ Removal of leaf and branch waste from the roof

We not only have the expertise to perform various types of work, but also the equipment needed to work efficiently and safely.


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