Multiple-ply asphalt-and-gravel membrane roof

The multilayer asphalt and gravel membrane consists of a display of # 15 felt paper embedded in hot asphalt. This display ensures the durability and waterproofness of the membrane while offering you a much more affordable cost. An asphalt and gravel finish is subsequently added to the membrane. We also offer the possibility of installing white gravel on the multilayer membrane. The white color with superior reflective characteristics will reduce the damage to your roof by the sun while allowing a cooler temperature inside your home. Thus, you will contribute to the reduction of the heat islands in urban environment and will push back for many years your cares of roofing.


This built-up roof covering consists of several layers of asphalt-coated felt paper and a final layer of gravel. Although the installation of this type of roof is relatively easy, Professional roofing services are essential because the thickness of the built-up material, as well as the high temperature of the asphalt or the atmospheric conditions can affect the quality of the roof.

Roofs with asphalt and gravel built-up membrane have various advantages:
– The strength and tightness of the coating thickness;
– Ease of making repairs;
– Excellent acoustic soundproofing;
– Low cost compared to other types of roofs (see roof with elastomer membrane).

A lack of maintenance of roofs with built-up asphalt and gravel membrane, also known as “bitumen and gravel”, can significantly alter their theoretical durability of 15-20 years. It is therefore necessary to carry out a frequent and regular inspection. In addition, to avoid UV damage to the asphalt and gravel roof, white gravel can be applied to the final asphalt layer.

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