Flat roof snow and ice removal

Safety first

Roofer Émile Lelièvre Ferblantier has the best experts in Montréal at your disposal

Snow and ice build-up, whether on a residential, garage, or commercial/industrial building roof, can not only weaken the structure of your roof and affect its watertightness; it can also be a safety issue. To solve your problem quickly, Émile Lelièvre Ferblantier Couvreur offers rooftop snow and ice removal services throughout the Greater Montréal region.

Our experienced professionals have the right equipment (safety harnesses, lanyards, energy absorbers, lift platforms, etc.) to remove snow and/or ice from your roof efficiently and safely. And given that this is a delicate operation requiring a methodical approach, they make sure to minimize the risk of damage to the roof structure, watertight membrane, gutters and drain.

To ensure you get through the winter with peace of mind, Émile Lelièvre Ferblantier Couvreur puts Montréal’s leading experts at your service to handle your flat rooftop snow and ice removal job.

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